Secret Store of the Platypus

Secret Store of the Platypus

Once upon a time in a place you can't see, A mystic platypus lived mysteriously, He had a secret store, underground, Where he sold legendary loot that he had found.

He had items from the past, and some from the future too, For the daring and adventurous, like me and you, His shop was hidden in the secret places of the internet, A place where not many knew, not even a little hint.

The platypus sold swords and armor, rare and fine, And potions that could cure any ailments of the mind, He had magic scrolls, and spells to cast, For those who sought power, his shop was the first to pass.

Adventurers from all over the world, Came to his store, their stories to be told, Of their quest for treasure, and battles won, And the platypus listened, with a smile, just for fun.

So if you're brave, and dare to explore, The secret places of the internet, go to his store, And the mystic platypus, he'll be there to meet, With legendary loot, that you can't find in the street.

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